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Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch


Transition from Congested to Quiet

It's a 70 mile move from high traffic to a quieter setting. From a house of 32 years to a downsize means bringing the older house up to more current features for selling while clearing the lot to begin the build of the new house. Under the supervision of Bill Huckabee of Stewart Construction, the clearing began in mid November 2017.

In the same week Chad & Mike of Timberwolf Property Solutions were clearing the new lot, Virginia & Maria of CK Home Design Group of Chapel Hill, were doing staging consulting of the Durham home. The plan continues to be to sell at prime time of the year when Spring is in full effect and the real estate market is at its best. The idea also is to give yourself enough time to take care of the many little to do's and posibly one or two big ones.

In late December, it was also a time for a truck. After six months of research, I chose one and found the best dealer in North Carolina for our needs was right in Aberdeen, Leith Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Aberdeen. The current star sales advisor from multiple online reviews was Jamaan Bailey, who is a solid community contributor & super dad. I sought him out. We cut a deal with the excellent help of business manager Tim DeSpain, who came up with a set of options to solve one issue. General manager Scott Weaver and I afterward discussed the marketing value of well written reviews of the business online mentioning specific staff by name such as Jamaan. See the truck below.

As an aside, one of the goals is to have a pool but since there are tradeoffs with the cost of a new truck, one follower to this case study website suggested this.


Landscape Sculpting

Ken Bouldin, owner of Bouldin Landscaping and son in law, Robert Barber then took out several of the larger trees and sculpted the property to return the deep roadbed created for early development plans to it's original contour.


The Lot


The lot before it was cleared by Timberwolf Property Solutions, a business in Star, NC. Timberwolf is the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional land clearing. They convert trees and undergrowth to cleared land and mulch.

Timberwolf was followed by Bouldin Landscaping of West End


The Clearing

CLF Horses & Sofi

Timberwolf unique business model is able to be very selective in clearing the site, leaving select trees, such as wild dogwoods.

Two Deere 333G's with Mulching Heads make quick work of forest thinning with predominantly smaller trees. Black Jack Oaks, Pin Oaks and moderate undergrowth can be surgically removed. Other hardwoods, softwoods and ornamentals can be saved.

This surgical clearing requires the many years of expertise of Chad and Mike.