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Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch


Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch Key People

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Question: How has it being brought together?

As you might expect, the right people:

Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect & founder of SunPlans, Inc

We had bookmarked her passive solar home designs way back in 2010 when just imagining. We had several that we especially liked that seemed to fit our changing needs. We turned to them when we started to get serious and we found a lot that seemed to be made for order.

Debbie lives in Alabama, but developed her whole solar design expertise for 10 years in the Greensboro, NC area so she knows North Carolina.  She used to assist workshops at the National Solar Center now named the NC Clean Energy Technology Center at NCSU.  Bottom line: we know this home plan will work at the lot we have selected at Autumn Acres because it will sit on a true E-W ridge with true southern exposure for optimal solar gain.

Sandy Stewart, Real Estate Broker in the Seven Lakes, NC, Sandhill Realty. (910) 673-1699

Sandy Stewart was hired as our Preferred Buyer's Agent to help find the right property and to advise us through the entire process. The National Realtor's Association guideline for Buyer's Agents is "to guide buyer clients through the steps and processes for purchase, construction, and customization of a new home"

Sandy has been a real estate broker for over 25 years. She, in fact, has acted as an ombudsman through the whole process of finding just the right lot and coordinating the schedule to get a Lot and a Construction Contract and to set up the uniqueness of the single closing VA Constrcution to Permanent loan. Sandy’s perseverance and willingness to peel back the onion one more layer on behalf of her clients, are two of the reasons we have been able to get to this point.

Mark Stewart, owner Stewart Construction & Development, Nita Hraboski, Administrator and Bill Huckabee, Construction Supervisor, West End, NC 910-673-1929

A Master Certified Green Professional who provides clients with the advantage of design-build and the convenience of “one-stop shopping” and potential for cost savings. A single use copyright release and his expertise in Green building design allowed Mark to modify our plans to fit the unique situation in the Autumn Acres lot. Mark was recommended by several people including a previous new resident of the area. His preliminary pricing of our original plans was consistent with the price per sq ft final costs of two recent home constructions. We used that figure to set a budget.


John L Ritter, real estate Lawyer and Genette Gibson, Legal Assitant, John L Ritter Attorney At Law 910-673-4311

Their expertise in the real estate in and outs in the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen and West End area is unsurpassed having competed thousands of closings. We do recommend communicating with them well in advance of closing to ensure a smooth process between all parties. There are a lot of legal regulations that are difficult for all parties to stay current. This is your attorney for ensuring compliance. They also acted as the Seller's Attorney, not usually considered by sellers, but critical if you want to avoid many of the closing pitfalls.

Charlie Nelson, Real Estate Broker in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle region, New Stone Realty. 910-618-0688

Charlie has been a real estate broker for 43 years. New Stone Realty offers a full service listing service for 4% commission versus the usual 6%+. They have a proven track record for selling houses. Charlie is handling all real estate aspects of the front end of this relocation. House sold in 2 days with multiple offers.

Shannon Harris, Mortgage Loan Officer for First National Bank in Pinehurst and Rhonda Duncan, Assistant Branch Manager.

Shannon provides residential mortgage services in surrounding counties and in all areas serviced by First National Bank. Shannon has more than 20 years of industry experience. She volunteers her time with the Southern Pines Rotary Club where she is a past president and past Assistant District Governor and is currently a District Foundation Advocate for Rotary District 7690.

Shannon saved the project after we had withdrawn our original loan application with another lender. With the original lender, on the day before closing, we made the decision to withdraw our application from the lender :

  • No confidence that the lender could get to a closing in a reasonable time.
  • Lack of trust in the lender’s process, that we were being treated fairly in accordance with consumer guidelines and that all the personal information that we provided was secure.

The first lender disclosed personal financial information to multiple parties that did not have a need to know by disclosing number specific income questions that should have been addressed two months earlier in the process. I will cover the details in the financial section for the benefit of others going through the lending process.

Shannon and Rhonda came up with a set of solutions that saved the project.

Margaret Hanawalt | Sr. Insurance Agent, Correspondence, Armed Forces Insurance |

Armed Forces Insurance homeowners and personal liability insurance has been insruance provider of choice through all of the moves in the military and as a veteran. Margaret Hanawalt took the time to answer some inital insurance questions a few months back:


We currently own a home in Durham NC insured by AFI.  We have contracted to buy a 6 acre lot in a community and build a custom energy efficient home under the VA Construction to Permanent loan program.

We have been pre approved for the loan, have the plans fully drafted and are currently waiting for the builder to give us the construction cost.  At what stage do we need to apply for the home insurance, what information is needed by you and how do we go about doing the application?

Response from AFI

There are several things to consider.

You did not indicate where the property is. If it is inland (as in Durham), that location should not be a problem. If it is coastal, you may want to contact us before you purchase the land to see if there is any trouble insuring the location.

The next consideration is whether or not the contractor requires you to carry a "builder's risk" policy. If so, you would want to contact us before any work starts on the property. The agents that handle builder's risk policies can be contacted weekdays at 800-295-9649.

If a builder's risk policy is NOT required, the next consideration is when you actually take title. Sometimes the contractor "owns" the property and/or the house until construction is complete, so you wouldn't need insurance until the title changes over to you (contact us 2-4 weeks before that happens).

If you are the titleholder when building starts And don't need builder's risk insurance, contact us before the building starts.

I hope all goes smoothly for you. Cordially, Margaret Hanawalt

The Legacy Begins


The Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch legacy will begin on this ridge in Mclendon Hills Lake & Equestrian Community.

We celebrate Scottish heritage where ancestors lived in the area around Meldrum House 20 miles NNW of Aberdeen, UK. Meldrum Ridge is to be 20 miles NNW of Aberdeen, NC.

Dogs, Horses & Sun-salutes

CLF Horses & Sofi

English springer spaniel SofiHana learning to tend horses. While the mini ranch will have its own acreage, it will be linked to the Mclendon Hills Equestrian Center by direct access to over 8 miles of bridle trails.

Comfortable & Economical Solar Living

CLF Flowers Herbs eggs

Sun Plans™ French Cowgirl Series are designed to be simple to build and take advantage of passive solar principles. Frequently used rooms, such as living room, kitchen and dining area, are on the southern side for the sun-rays in the winter and relief from the sun in the summer. The garage, laundry room and other areas that are less frequently used are to the northern part of the house, where they will act as winter cold buffers.