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Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch


Financing this relocation

The number one thing to do is to get an expert in mortgage loans. We thought we had a loan product that was a perfect fit for our situation but because of a lot of issues as we went through the process, we have withdrawn our application with the lender and this particular loan product.

We fired our lender on Sept 11, the day before closing and after 101 days of underwriting because:

  • After 89 days, they discovered they miscalculated our VA Entitlement and required a downpayment increase from $0 to $44,000.
  • They then broke Rate Lock Agreement when we noticed in the Closing Disclosure that it was 1% higher. They would not change it nor provide a valid reason for raising the interest 3 days before closing.
  • Our closing attorney advised us that the non-NC company doing the closing was failing to distribute funds in accordance with NC laws. Then they wanted another $7000 in down payment to cover other closing costs.
  • Finally, the day before closing, our loan officer released personal financial information to third parties without our permission and did it on a non secure email.

We then looked for a lender who would provide better service whil we scrambled to get the lot purchase contract extended. Upon the advise of a former colleague from the NY Times who advised in an article that seniors with multi source fixed incomes should consider a community bank. re: Mortgages for Seniors? Available, but Exacting By Vivian Marino June 2, 2017

Our builder, our closing attorney and our real estate agent spoke highly of Shannon Harris, the mortgage loan officer First National Bank of Pinehurst where we had our business account and one of our personal accounts for over 7 years. She and Rhonda Duncan, Assistant Branch Manager, came up with a solution.

We closed on the loan on November 30 thanks to the diligence of Shannon.

We will cover the lessons learned in a future blog post.

The Legacy Begins


The Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch legacy will begin on this ridge in Mclendon Hills Lake & Equestrian Community.

We celebrate Scottish heritage where ancestors lived in the area around Meldrum House 20 miles NNW of Aberdeen, UK. Meldrum Ridge is to be 20 miles NNW of Aberdeen, NC.

Dogs, Horses & Sun-salutes

CLF Horses & Sofi

English springer spaniel SofiHana learning to tend horses. While the mini ranch will have its own acreage, it will be linked to the Mclendon Hills Equestrian Center by direct access to over 8 miles of bridle trails.

Comfortable & Economical Solar Living

CLF Flowers Herbs eggs

Sun Plans™ French Cowgirl Series are designed to be simple to build and take advantage of passive solar principles. Frequently used rooms, such as living room, kitchen and dining area, are on the southern side for the sun-rays in the winter and relief from the sun in the summer. The garage, laundry room and other areas that are less frequently used are to the northern part of the house, where they will act as winter cold buffers.