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Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch


Welcome to Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch in Moore County, NC

Meldrum Ridge Mini Ranch is to be perched on a ridge in Moore County 80 feet above Lake Diamond. We are building a Sun Plans™ Sun-Inspired home with a small footprint and low energy consumption, yet one where all the space is utilized creatively.

The purpose of the website is to be a case study. A sharing of the journey and lessons learned from financing, location, site selection, design adaption for the local area, the selection of the builder, the construction process, product discoveries, barns, horses, making it a mini ranch and finally, the experiences for years to come.

The Legacy Begins


The Meldrum Ridge 6.1 acre Mini Ranch legacy will begin on this partially cleared ridge in Moore County. We celebrate Scottish heritage where ancesters lived in the area around Meldrum House 20 miles NNW of Aberdeen, UK. Meldrum Ridge is to be close to Aberdeen, NC in Moore County, an area where Highland Scots emigrated to in the 18th century.

Dogs, Horses & Sun-salutes

CLF Horses & Sofi

English springer spaniel SofiHana learning to tend horses. While the mini ranch will have its own acreage, it will be linked to neighbors with similar interests.

Comfortable & Economical Solar Living

CLF Flowers Herbs eggs

Sun Plans™ French Cowgirl Series are designed to be simple to build and take advantage of passive solar principles. Frequently used rooms, such as living room, kitchen and dining area, are on the southern side for the sunrays in the winter and relief from the sun in the summer. The garage, laundry room and other areas that are less frequently used are to the northern part of the house, where they will act as winter cold buffers.

With the architect's approval, we are adapting the plans to one with no walkout basement because of the site.

Why did we choose solar?